In 2006, Univet established LOUPES as its new division in the surgical and medical sectors.
In a magnifying system, weight distribution is one of the most important factors. We design and create frames that distribute weight optimally around the head to ensure comfort even during prolonged use.
Optical elements are the backbone of our Loupes systems. Over the years, our R&D team has developed increasingly lighter, more precise binoculars for our products.

Our loupes merge our elegant frame design with the outstanding optical technology of our magnification systems: the union of two distinct elements in perfect harmony. This process makes each loupe unique: precisely tailored to your physical and professional needs.

Univet’s loupes adopt two types of

Magnifying Technologies:




We develop and produce our own line of headlights, which use LED systems to enhance the benefits of loupes.
Univet has become an icon of the Italian fashion and design world for professional eyewear. We provide quality, comfort, and style through ultra-light materials, unique treatments, and in-house optical technologies.
Enjoy working with extreme precision and efficacy while also looking cool!


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