High Quality, Custom Fitted Dental Loupes

September 16, 2019 0

Univet has a wide variety of optical devices including Galilean and Prismatic dental and surgical loupes ranging from 2.0X to 6.0X magnification. The popular Galilean Pro through the lens (TTL) loupe and headlamp were evaluated by CR. The loupe exhibited excellent clinical characteristics. The custom fit was comfortable, including working distance, interpupillary distance, angle of inclination, and dioptric correction.

A high-power LED headlight with lithium-ion batteries is available with unique screwed-on magnetic connection to loupes or an easily applied clamp arrangement containing the magnet allowing use with other loupes. Charging time 7.5 hours by sitting battery on a unique plate-like charging device. Use time at highest intensity is 8 hours. May use Bluetooth remote controller if desired. Five brightness intensities.


• High quality construction

• Competitive weight with other companies

• Excellent depth and width of field

• Bright image • Competitive price

• Comfortable custom fit

• Battery can be charged wirelessly or with regular wired wall adapter


• Inadvertent touching of headlamp can rotate it in the magnetic attachment on the loupe

• Some frames require separate side splash guards

• Battery must be placed in particular location on charging plate to initiate charge if charged wirelessly


The Univet Galilean Pro dental loupes and headlight exhibited excellent clinical characteristics. The high quality, custom-fitted loupes are impressive, and the headlamp is easy to adjust, has a well-defined circular light, and no peripheral scatter.

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