Mariana Story

December 29, 2016

When the unexpected is on the agenda


“This is a job that not everyone can do: it is essential to know how to remain calm and at the same time ensuring respect and dignity to people that you are facing.”

Mariana since the times of the junior high school wanted to be a nurse. Today she does this job and has specialized in critical area. Since twenty years she has worked primarily in the emergency room, where the unexpected is on the agenda. The fascination for this work lies precisely in this: even if the day is programmed, there are a few routine activities and the moments of quiet alternate with those of total confusion. In the clinic or operating room the unexpected is common, and in these moments comes in the professionalism and the ability to remain calm in order to respond to different needs in an appropriate and effective way even in critical conditions.

Mariana’s work is a big part of her life, a constant effort, but it offers a lot of satisfaction. What most excited Mariana is the interpersonal relationship that is created with the patient and with colleagues when working. Be among the people, help those who need, see the results of her work in the short term are aspects that make her love this work that it is not always easy and that not everyone can do: a good internal balance is needed, because you go through yours and others emotions. The impotence and the acknowledge that you are not always able to help patients are aspects with which Mariana has to compare. It is essential to maintain the limits of respect and dignity, a commitment that is natural to carry on in her workday.

Mariana in her future sees further specialization: after the master in Management for the coordination of the health professions, she will be useful not only to patients but also to colleagues, sharing the experience accumulated over years of work.

Face and eyes always protected


During his working day Mariana has to be able to work in total safety, for this reason she wears protective equipment such as the visor 712, specifically designed for extended use without hassles. The visor, with anallergic frame, protects face and eyes from dust, drops and sprays.
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