Paolo Portesi, CEO-Univet Group

We foster expertise and innovation as a way to value people and validate their
work. Innovation, expertise and perseverance lie at the heart of our products .
We do all this with passion and enthusiasm, the best proof of this is our global
performance over the years.

We strive to achieve the culture for safety.

About Univet

Passion & People

Every model developed, every objective met, every new market gained is the result of the commitment and passion of each and every person working at Univet. While creating a new product is a challenge for everybody, it is also a source of enjoyment and enthusiasm, special energies generating the daily desire to improve and build a future together.

Italian style

Thanks to the 100% Italian talent of our designers, our products combine an unlikely mix of safety, comfort and style. Research, taste and intuition testify to the talent of our professionals who always aim to create unique models that stand out from the crowd.


A team of specialist technicians work within our research and development department: the pride and joy of our company. Expertise, perseverance and determination are the fundamental qualities required for designing and creating highly innovative and technological products.

Atif Sarfraz, CEO-Univet North America

Having worked in this field for the last two decades with leading global players,
I can vouch for the world class quality and workmanship of Univet products.
Given the right support, Univet’s potential is immense. At Univet North America
we believe in providing this support through people led stewardship – making sure
we have the right people who flex and stretch to achieve their true potential.

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