I have had loupes from 2 other companies in the past and have finally found a comfortable, protective pair of loupes to work with. I have been very happy with the quality of the optics and I can’t believe I worked without a light before now. My rep Ali has been great to work with and customer service is second to none!

Dr. Mark Poustie – Hamilton, ON

I received a replacement light yesterday from Adam. I want to thank him and your company for the quick response in dealing with the issue.
I really appreciate the attention as I truly love my Univet loupes.
Thanks again,

Dr Rodney Shainbom

After owning a pair of loupes I rarely used and could never quite adjust to, I was pleasantly surprised by the comfort and clarity of my Univet loupes from day one. The representative did an excellent job in recommending the right frame and magnification, as well as a light, to fit my needs. I have loved my Univet loupes from day one and I do not know what I would do without them.

Kristina Romic – Burlington, ON

I am writing about my experience with the customer service and overall service that I received from Univet. Lisa, at customer service is very friendly and kind. She always greeted me with her gentle voice and politeness. She listened to my concerns very carefully and helped me to understand what it needed to be done to resolve the issues that I had regarding my surgical loupes. It does not end here. No matter what the issue is, she is easy to reach and always available to get the help customers need. One phone call, and the problem solved. My rep is always available through text and was very helpful. She did everything to make sure that my work would not be interrupted when my loupes were getting repaired, since I am very dependent on them for my work. Last but not least, Mr. Sean Loughran, is also very helpful and made sure that I received the best customer service. And I did. Regarding my experience dealing with Univet, I have to say that I am extremely pleased that I chose this company. By the way, the quality of their products are nothing short of excellent. I highly recommend this company, their products, and their customer service to my colleagues.

Daryoush Maleki, D.M.D.
Practicing Dentist in Langley, British Columbia, Canada

Throughout my years, I have used many different types of loupes and have truly enjoyed using my Univet loupes the most. In my opinion, Univet has the best optics. I have been using my Univet prismatic loupes for the last 3 years and they’ve been great. Not only do the optics provide comfort while working, but they also reduce eye strain during extended wear. I will recommend Univet loupes to all my colleagues.

Dr. Rushik Dhaduk

Just wanted to send a quick note to customer service that I am SOOO happy with the new rep Adam in Vancouver island area. Adam is doing an excellent job, I had a flickering light issue and he responded promptly and had the problem dealt with within a couple days.
Much appreciated!

Danielle Coulson – Calgary, AB

I hardly ever do this but I feel I have to acknowledge one of your team members. I met Ali Raza a few years ago when I bought my third pair of loupes, the previous 2 were from a competitor. Since then, the customer service that Ali provides me is amazing. He answers immediately, he is friendly, funny and lovely to deal with. I bought my second pair about a year ago from Ali and he came personally to fit them and to deliver. Today the arm of my glasses snapped and I texted him, tomorrow a new one will be delivered. Last week, my light pack was flickering, he came by a few hours later with a replacement. No company does that! To be honest, I thought he owned the company. I have referred Ali to my colleagues as well.

For Ali Raza, Regional Sales Manager – Central & Eastern Canada
Dr. Bonnie Chandler

Mailing today to say thank you for introducing me to the wonderful world of Univet, I love the loupes so much that I can’t think of working without these. The excellent quality has helped me increase my work precision.


I will like to congratulate you for bringing excellent Univet loupes for dentists! This is my third Loupes in last five years and yours is the best product I ever had. The biggest advantage was it did not need any adjustments or repairs after I got them.

Dr. Bhushan Jain DDS

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